About Us


Software world is a growing world. For succeed we’re following new technologies, making R&D activities and making our job with enjoy. Developing softwares is a passion. Our purpose is that finding users these are using our softwares and making them happy. When a user using our software then we’re being happy. We’re working for your happiness.


We’re creating most common web softwares, desktop softwares. Serving some technical consulting issues etc. Our short purpose is improving our portfolio and meet with new valuable customers.


Our long therm mission is being a worldwide software company. We want to reach every country, every city, every street, every home, every people and being everywhere in the universe. May be that sounds like crazy idea but we don’t forget that word:

I want to thanks to my mother, to my friends, my wife 

(Founder of GCR Group Company – Şener Göçer)