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IT Solutions

Welcome To The GCR GROUP

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We’re creating easy to use, nice design and last technology web apps, desktop apps and mobile apps for you.


We’re consulting for your valuable customer about server management, software development, advertising issues.


Technology is growing all the time. We’re learning everytime and writing results to our blog. Don’t forget to check our blog


Save Time and Effort

We implement your web site or project with custom coded software solutions to suit your needs. PHP software technologies, especially desktop, android and ios support for the areas you need to produce guaranteed software.



GCR Internet Services

As GCR internet services, we produce all our corporate / software solutions by ourselves. We grow your business together with our own resources and team. We are at your side during the update, server services, technical support and development stages.



GCR Group

Software world is a growing world. For succeed we’re following new technologies, making R&D activities and making our job with enjoy. Developing softwares is a passion. Our purpose is that finding users these are using our softwares and making them happy. When a user using our software then we’re being happy. We’re working for your happiness.